How this all works

How it works:

  • All sound files on this site are available for you to download and use as the basis for a work of your own – sing or play over it, cut it up, add additional orchestration or lyrics, loop it, etc. I’ll seed the pot with several pieces representing different genres. As additional people add material, there will be more and more to work with, so keep checking back.
  • After you make your own piece based on something from this site, mix it down to a stereo audio file (64MB maximum) and upload it in the comments below the piece you initially downloaded. If you used multiple initial files from this site, feel free to post your “response” piece as a comment under each one.
  • If you wish, you can also post secondary material in the comments under your piece. Examples would be PDFs of scores or instrumental/vocal parts, stem files and MIDI files.
  • NOTE: Whenever you comment or upload anything to this site, you are allowing anyone, anywhere at any time to use it to create their own work. See the sidebar for details.

Some things that might be useful:

  • To download primary files, from the site’s original posts, click the “more items” (three vertical dots) icon and choose “Download,” if available. Otherwise, right-click on a primary file and choose “Save audio as…”
  • To download files in comments, first click the file to play it, then either click the “more items” (three vertical dots) icon and choose “Download,” if available. Otherwise, right-click on a primary file and choose “Save audio as…” Use the back button on the browser to return to the site.
  • You’re welcome to “sign” your work in the comment when you upload the audio file, but it’s not necessary. Anonymous submissions are welcome – you don’t need to fill out the name, e-mail or website sections when you comment.
  • There are a number of solid, free or very low-cost audio manipulation software packages out on the Web if you don’t already have software to work with audio on your computer. I’d suggest searching “free digital audio workstation” (without the quotes) and then checking out several of the “best of” lists that come up to see what feels comfortable for you.
  • If you’re working on a mobile device and need audio software, I’d suggest searching your app store for “music making app” (again, without the quotes).
  • If you’re new to working with audio files and software, the learning curve can seem a bit steep. Please don’t let that discourage you! The people working in this arena are incredibly generous with their time and knowledge, and have produced a ton of videos that can help you get started, solve problems, and learn new techniques and software packages. A quick Web search will likely turn up everything you need to move forward.
  • A final note: I am not a Web developer, nor do I have any desire to be. I have learned a bit of WordPress and utilized a predefined template and plugins that offer most of what I wanted to achieve with this site. However, I know there are limitations. I’ll try to address these as best I can with the time I have. For the moment, until I find a way to enable multi-language support so I can effectively read non-English posts in a time-friendly way, the site will support only English language posts. (Unfortunately, as I’ve proven a number of times in my life, I’m horrible at learning new languages.) Also, the facility that’s allowing upload of sound and PDF files doesn’t support a full range of file types. I’ll try to find a way to allow upload of music XML files and a few others that aren’t currently supported. Most of all – thank you for helping to brighten the world!
  • A final, final note: As humans, we all react differently to situations, and our music is bound to reflect that. Where some might be compelled to express fear or sadness, others might need to express anger. Other than removing any item promoting violence (of any sort), illegal behavior, or undermining an individual’s or group’s dignity, I don’t intend to police comments or uploaded files for content. One person’s music may well be another person’s noise, so if you don’t like something, simply stop listening and move on to something else.