What and why

Wow – what a weird time we’re living in. For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic is the first time in our lives that we’ve had our daily movements and activities restricted, uncertainty in our food and medicine supply, and a looming Big Bad that could result in an early departure from this world. For many others, this viral outbreak is just another in a long list of perils that, on a daily basis, threaten life and livelihood. In either case, it is a frightening time, frequently accompanied by stress, anxiety, depression and lack of hope.

But in the middle of this, people are finding ways to make others’ lives a little better, connecting with people in more meaningful ways, and giving without the expectation of getting something back. There are many examples: artists hosting art challenges for “locked down” people to have a creative outlet; people helping at-risk neighbors get supplies; folks attending online performances, utilizing virtual tip jars and purchasing art in all its various guises to help support self-employed creators.

For several years now, I have watched, seemingly unable to intervene, as a typical mid-life crisis enveloped my being. I have been desperately seeking to make sense of my place in the world – to find a way to utilize whatever talent, knowledge and skills I have been given to make this great, blue blob at least a little more tolerable for all inhabiting it.

The advent of the current pandemic has brought certain things into focus for me: I may well not survive if I get the disease. Any time that I have to effect a change for the better in this world may be severely limited. The outpouring of people finding ways to look after and nourish others, including folks they don’t know, is starting to renew my faith in humanity. But what can I, a trained composer whose day job involves staring at spreadsheets, do?

This website is my attempt to answer that question: To provide something creative for anyone with access to a computer or mobile device and the Internet. To brighten someone’s day, even if it’s just a little. To encourage people to share what they have with others to lighten the load. To help us realize that, even though we might be quarantined, isolated, “locked down,” we’re not alone. We can reach out through technology and touch the world, and the world will reach back for us. And maybe, just maybe, someone will tap into a talent they didn’t know they had and find their joy and passion in music.